Reviewed by Julian Wilson

David Hicken/Goddess

Pianist David Hicken crafts New Age music with a soul. Not that the genre is the emotionless stereotype that detractors have often presented, but it does have its share of cold, detached efforts and robotic execution. With Hicken, emotions are the heart of each composition, especially on the elegant Goddess. A quick scan of each track will immediately reveal (if it isn’t obvious to you) that this CD has a unifying theme, a tribute to the various goddesses from culture to culture. What inspired Hicken to write a unique soundtrack for each one is a mystery that only he can answer. All we can do for now is savor the beauty contained within.

Goddess is an ode to loveliness. The hauntingly pretty “Lakshmi” drips with rain-soaked melancholy; its gorgeous melody paints strikingly vivid imagery of water and tears. “Kuan Yin” and “Sarasvati” are dreamy and reflective, the latter gripping a darker undertow. “Sekhmet” is probably the standout on the disc, featuring some of Hicken’s most incandescent piano playing. It is smooth and ethereal, making you want to gaze at the stars. Goddess is poetry in motion, the sounds of nature as interpreted by a gifted musician whose imagination drinks from the evening skies.