Reviewed by Julian Wilson

Skin Contact/The Fine Line

Skin Contact is the name of Kevin Breidenbach’s project and not a band by any means. On this six-cut EP, Breidenbach unites elements of both techno and industrial music to achieve the most infectious grooves. Although it’s an experimental process, the results are far more accessible than you’d anticipate; this is not some cold Kid A construct. Much of this is designed to move – and make your feet follow. On that level, it certainly works.

The title track has a claustrophobic, icy opening that eventually gives way to stimulating, pulsating synthesized rhythms a la Depece Mode. I’m not sure if Breidenbach was consciously riding on the Mode but that’s who I was reminded of. No doubt that Martin Gore would find it enjoyable. “Under the Skin” and “Nerves” are more aggressive, closer to the industrial bump and grind of Front 242 but without much of the heaviness. “Slipping” finds Breidenbach flirting with pop without giving in to it while “Collisions” engages the ears with its hypnotic drum and bass beats.