Reviewed by Julian Wilson

Rivercity Seven/Sidewinder Stitches Time

Rivercity Seven is a strange band, and I mean that as a compliment. The group seems to have come from the Frank Zappa school of music without boundaries, exploring the limitless possibilities of rock & roll. With its slinky rhythms and prog-rock electronics, “Sidewinder” had me thinking of a bastard hybrid of Shriekback and King Crimson. But the snake reference in their album title is quite apt as the band continually sheds its skin. (Perhaps they should’ve used a chameleon instead.)

Unlike most groups with a yen for prog, Rivercity Seven aren’t afraid of having fun. “Hector the Inspector” is a joyous ode to early ’80s New Wave with its Devo-like quirky keyboards and spoken-word dialogue a la Flash and the Pan (remember those guys?). “Guantanamo Blues” has to be a homage of some sort to the late Warren Zevon because of its uncanny resemblance to “Werewolves of London,” especially the piano. “Time Has Come Today” echoes John Lennon’s rocking solo work, namely “Instant Karma!” This is a very creative bunch, like several bands rolled into one. Add these tunes to your iPod, and you’ll think they’re from different artists.