Reviewed by Julian Wilson

Christine Mag. Strasser/All for One

All for One is world music that is definitely, without question, both inspired by and trying to reach a higher power. Whether you believe in God – or a god at all – will not affect your enjoyment of this album. However, even the atheists among you might begin to have second thoughts because the songs here have an otherworldly glow that is not based in material experience. It helps that Christine Mag. Strasser has such a heavenly voice. No, not heavenly in the cliched Christian music sense of the word, but aiming for spiritual transcendence, which she does on nearly every track.

Strasser doesn’t have much instrumental accompaniment other than acoustic guitars, flute, and percussion. Her vocals are the focus here, especially on “Jesus Song” and “Gayatri,” wherein Strasser’s singing seems to be sent from the stars; imagine Enya with a deeper, more somber voice. “Praise the Lord” is illuminated by swirling riffs and peaceful, breathtakingly beautiful harmonizing while “Chandra Shekaraya” and “Ave Maria” unreel with gorgeous cinematic imagery. This is a work of art as well as a labor of love.