Reviewed by Julian Wilson

Ravi Miriam Maron/Call from the Narrows

Ravi Miriam Maron’s Call from the Narrows is a double-CD set of Hebraic chants and spiritually powered world music. Recalling the transcendent mix of ancient vocal stylings and modern arrangements that made Dead Can Dance and the late Ofra Haza so alluring, Maron is able to take what could only be appealing to a specific crowd and make it attractive a far larger audience. The dreamlike, otherworldly textures of Maron’s singing will draw inevitable comparisons to Enya; however, Maron’s music digs deeper than that, drawing upon Biblical and other centuries-old text.

If, upon reading the description above, you think that Call from the Narrows isn’t easy to sit through, let me assure you that it isn’t. This is music that not only soothes the ears but the soul as well. On “Clear the Way,” Maron’s vocals are as ethereal as the evening stars; they will enchant you, dazzle you. “Great Mother” has punchy drums with a straighforward dance rhythm a la Haza and Peter Gabriel. “Preparation” and “I Must Follow” are songs of incredible beauty.